Push Button SEO Bonus

by admin on March 21, 2012

If you are looking for the best Push Button SEO Bonus for Brian Johnson’s plugin, I have it here.  With the Push Button SEO program, onsite SEO will be done for your sites but you will want to get more traffic to them and you need to send backlinks to them.

Push Button SEO Bonus #1 (priceless)

I will create a video of how I am able to rank in the tops of Google for what ever keyword I want.  This is profitable especially for product names.  I will show the exact steps I took to rank my site #2 and 3 for “Push Button SEO bonus”, #3 for “Push Button SEO”, and #3 and 4 for “Push Button SEO review”.

pushbuttonseobonus 300x217 Push Button SEO Bonus

Push Button SEO Bonus #2

As part of my Push Button SEO Bonus, I will give you access to videos where  I am going to show you where and how I get my backlinks DONE FOR ME for as little as 1.5 CENTS each.

Why do it yourself when it’s so cheap?
I also reveal where I get .edu, .gov backlinks for only 0.20.  These are super powerful links that can help you boost your site or properties to the top.  Done for you!
Push Button SEO Bonus #3
I will get you 20-25 .edu backlinks to whatever site you would like DONE FOR YOU.   This will boost your page up in the rankings. Many people charge $35 just for that alone.  I’m doing it as part of your bonus.
Push Button SEO Bonus #4
15 Minute Coaching call.  I currently do Internet Marketing full time making over 6 figures and I charge $150/hr for coaching.  I will talk to you about anything regarding Internet Marketing.  We will discuss by email what you want to talk about prior to our phone call so we can be totally focused when we talk.  I can help you with choosing a niche, how to rank you Push Button SEO properties better, or how to create website that bring in money.  Whatever you like.

Here is how it works to claim your bonus:

  1. Clear Your Cookies ==> Click Here To Find Out How
  2.  Buy Push Button SEO through my link. >>> Click Here
  3.  Send you receipt to realjohnbarry @ gmail.com with you paypal address and the subject “Push Button SEO Bonus”
  4. Don’t refund.

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Push Button SEO Review

by admin on March 21, 2012

Push Button SEO Review

Will put my Brian Johnson Push Button SEO review here soon.  Everywhere you go you see people saying a program is a scam.  Well a lot of people want to know “Does Push Button SEO work?”

Click Here To See the Video I created for Push Button SEO

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Who Is Brian Johnson

by admin on March 21, 2012

Brian Johnson of Push Button SEO has been an Internet marketer full time since October of 2003.  In the past ten years or so he has made hundreds of thousands of dollars as anbrian g johnson vid scrape2 Who Is Brian Johnson AdSense publisher, an affiliate marketer, a product vendor and a reseller of domain names and hosting services.

Since 2008 he has launched a number of well received internet marketing products and coaching programs, some of those have included community forums which have supported hundreds of marketers who have formed some great friendships online.

Since 2008 he has launched a variety of digital programs which include:

  • Revenue Domains Exposed
  • SEOPressFormula
  • Commission Ritual
  • Auto Content Cash
  • Halloween Super Affiliate (my first coaching program)
  • 300 Internet Marketers (current coaching program)
  • Rank & Pillage (product was launched with my star student Aidan Booth)
and is now bringing you Push Button SEO.

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What Is SEO?

by admin on March 17, 2012

Well hopefully if you are wanting more information on  then you know about what SEO is.  But for those who don’t know and need a little more information here you go.

SEO (Search engine optimization) is a technique used to increase the rank of a web page when internet users search for certain terms on the internet. SEO has managed to become one of the most important marketing tools being used online to advertise and market products and services through the internet.

4618683399 6ed3d04aac m What Is SEO?Knowing how search engines work is an important part of Push Button SEO bonus marketing. Search engines work by using crawlers which search the web by looking for relevant content which is then indexed. The data indexed is normally arranged according to the number of times a certain word appears in the webpage. The crawler also searches deep into the websites for similar or other words which are on the website. With all the information that the search engine collects this way, search engines can therefore be used as a trusted source for information about websites. When a user tries to search the internet for a certain search term the search engine looks up in its index of search terms for the search term. The results the search engine returns are based on the number of the search terms a website has, how deep the search term is on the website and also the popularity of the website when the search term is used.

By this simple algorithm search engines always return reliable search results by most internet user’s standards. The work of the SEO marketer comes in at this point as it is his/her duty to ensure your company appears among the first ten results when certain search terms are used. The search term whose results you need you need your website to appear in is referred to as keywords. Therefore for SEO marketing to be effective you should make sure you use the keyword within relevant places in your website so as to increase your chances of being higher in the rank.

The advantages are that it  increases your chances of being ranked higher when certain keywords are searched on the internet. When your company appears within the first ten results it increases the chances of the link to your website being clicked.By being higher in the rank users tend to gain trust in your website. This is due to the fact that many users perceive websites ranked higher as being genuine and trust worthy.  SEO marketing helps search engine to recognise the presence of your site and the content in your site. This is due to your SEO marketer understanding how search engine algorithms work therefore they use this skill in increasing the chances of the search engine crawlers finding content in your website.SEO marketing helps companies to take advantage of the internet and use it as an effective way of marketing their products and services.  SEO involves a technique of trying to understand what a user may use when they want to use your company’s products or services. Therefore it helps the company to analyse the trends of their business through checking changing terms customers use.

Many companies offer SEO consulting services.  However they are some companies which do not prefer hiring external SEO marketers but prefer using In-house marketers to do their SEO.  Want something easier?  Check out my Push Button SEO review.

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Push Button SEO is designed to help with your on page SEO.  Without considering other factors in your SEO, your internet marketing can take a hit.

There is a lot more that is involved in SEO apart from merely the placement of keywords in relevant places. As the internet continues to change day by day it has also resulted in the constant evolution of internet marketing and SEO techniques as well.

The lives of numerous internet users are now being dominated by social medial sites like Digg, Facebook and Twitter. Almost every other individual these days has a profile2889871315 a32847ac75 m Using Social Media Sites for Internet Marketing and SEO on several different popular social networking sites. At times even the most renowned search engines are outdone by these social networking sites since they usually have a considerable number of members and generate a substantial amount of traffic. Thus, when it comes to an internet marketing and SEO plan, including social networking sites as a part of it can prove to be quite beneficial.

First and foremost, link backs can be conveniently created for a website with the use of social networking sites and nothing has to be paid for it, which is a major benefit of using these sites. In SEO, the creation of back links tends to be quite essential and finding a place where links can be added with permission turns out to be difficult. Luckily, back links can be easily place on social media sites.

Another benefit of using social media sites is that it can be ensured that a link will be instantly viewed once it has been shared. Networking on a social media site is quite convenient and a large number of followers can be attracted to links by expanding the network on such sites. Valuable information can also be shared on social networking sites.

Once a website has been created, increasing its visibility and getting more traffic can turn out to be a difficult task. However, achieving this task becomes easier with the help of social networking sites. The number of websites on the internet has risen to a substantial extent and achieving higher search engine ranking on the same old keywords is not an easy task.

However, the good thing about social networking sites is that informative and SEO relevant posts and articles can be posted there that will link back to a business site. At a social media website, it becomes more convenient to focus on any particular important keyword, since it can be added in posts, links, articles, descriptions, etc.

When it comes to setting up a presence on social media website from the internet marketing and SEO perspective, these are the first steps that need to be taken. Acquiring loyal followers on social networking sites can take quite some time, however, once these followers are obtained it can prove to be worthwhile in the end.

When it comes to achieving a higher search engine ranking for their website, most people start by optimizing their websites to make them search engine friendly. However, what most people do not know is that even social media sites can be used for internet marketing and SEO, and they can excellently help promote a website.

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